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About Us


JunkHub, We Offer Junk Removal Services 

JunkHub, our Junk Removal Service is founded on the principles of delivering an excellent experience to every customer.

Our junk removal service in New York City can help you get rid of all the junk you don’t need in the Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and

Bronx areas. Our junk removal prices are competitive and every service we provide is tailored to your needs.

We also offer Residental and Commercial Dumpster Rentals in NYC. If you need a dumpster to rent, we’re here to help, with dumpsters

in several sizes all available for multi-day rental. We provide Dumpsters for all types of projects from major development/ construction  

to your home DIY projects, we got you coverd.  

How much does junk removal cost? It depends on the size and quantity of junk you want to remove, and we can provide a quote for you quickly. Our service is efficient and professional, and we believe that we are the best choice when you are looking for a service providing

junk removal near me. 

If you have a project that you need a full clean up after, want to rent a dumpster, have cleared out your basement, or simply just want the most effective way of getting your junk removed – contact us. Every item is disposed of responsibly, and we recycle wherever possible.

Isn’t it time you found a junk removal service you can trust?

Why Choose Us


01. Transparent Pricing


Our junk removal cost is always transparent and kept competitive with no hidden fees


02. Flexible Scheduling


We work around your schedual to provide a service that exceeds your expectations.


03. Vetted Professionals


Our team members are fully trained and skilled in the junk removal process. We handle all the heavy lifting so you can have the peaceof mind knowing that all your junk will be removed safely.


04. Eco-conscious Solution


We remove junk efficiently and always dispose of it responsibly, donating and recycling items wherever possible to ensure our junk removal business is environmentally responsible.